A bespoke treatment plan is designed in all cases as no two instances of lymphoedema are the same. In general our treatments can be broken down into the following areas:

MLD Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) therapy is a highly specialized gentle massage technique which removes excess fluid from the swollen tissue. The techniques can be modified and combined to address specific areas of the body.

Patients receive MLD therapy to remove excess fluid (lymph) from the tissue. The MLD is applied to open lymphatics in the unaffected region so these can drain the affected area. MLD stimulates lymphangions to increase their activity, which results in a decompression and emptying of lymphatic channels.

Multi-layered bandaging

Multi-Layered bandaging of the affected limb follows each MLD treatment. This is a precise and accurate procedure using specific layers of bandages. Following this, compression garments are worn.

remedial exercises & breathing

Gentle exercises play a vital role in your programme of self-care. Deep breathing and exercise further promote venous and lymphatic flow by activating the muscle pumps.

Skin Care & hygiene

Healthy skin is an essential part of the treatment for lymphoedema. Daily skin cleansing with antibacterial washes and neutral balanced pH lotions will help to eliminate possible bacterial and fungal growth and so minimise the possibility—- of repeated cellulitis or fungal infection.